Thursday, September 15, 2016

Edmonton Valley Zoo

About a month ago, my mom had an event going on at the zoo through her work. It was free for the families of the employees so my sisters and I were all able to come and make a trip out of it. The last time we went to the valley zoo was two years ago... they've done a lot of renovations since then and it just seemed more inviting this time. Maybe it's because of the time we were there (early evening is a great time to go!) and that it wasn't overcrowded since they closed it off to the public for the event.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Boys Go to School

We survived the first week of school (last week!). Hooray! It's been a big adjustment for the boys (for all of us, actually!) but we sure are proud of our little guys. :) I cannot believe that I have children that go to school now... They say life changes big time after you send them to school, and I feel that it sure has already!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

We Love Mawson Drive

Hello again!

I was going through my photos and I thought I had a lot more to share but there really isn't a whole lot left, other than some Disneyland photos, I think. (which I've shared already in a video ... blog post to follow!) I have pulled out some of my (unedited) phone photos as well, because even if I lug around my big camera, I have a bad habit of taking photos/snaps with my phone instead. It's pretty convenient! (Though later on, I admittedly regret not using my big camera sometimes. )

Gabe enjoying the California weather.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Laguna Hills + San Clemente Beach, California (Part I)

Hey everyone! It's been a while... like, really.... a long, long time since my last post.  Ha! Having a baby will do that to you, I guess. ;)

Anyway, I just wanted to share some more photos (and a video!) of our trip to the States to visit my Aunt and Uncle who live down in Cali. We made a 25 hour drive from Edmonton to Laguna Hills and made it out alive! Of course, we had to do it in 3 days and make a few (a lot) of stops along the way, because really.... A 5 hour drive is long enough for a 5 year old, a 4 year old and an 11 month old babe. So, we had planned to break down the drive and it all worked out perfectly! We stopped in Coaldale (5 hours) and stayed with Stephen's brother for a couple of days then drove down to Salt Lake City, Utah (12 hours). We made the final stretch to California the following day. (9 hours) Whew! Just typing it out for you guys makes me tired - Long drives can be so exhausting at the last 2 hours, like you just want to get out of the vehicle because the kids are getting really cranky and the novelty of the dvd player is starting to dwindle. I still cannot believe we did it. Though I am so glad we did. We had such a sweet time.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Cannon Beach, Oregon


Last week, we spent a day down one of the coasts of Oregon. Cannon Beach was about an hour and a half drive from our rental place in Portland but the drive was nice, we didn't mind it at all. From fields, to windy roads, to all the different trees that lead our way to the beach, it was all so beautiful!

Cannon Beach was AMAZING! Haystack Rock in the background does not disappoint and the town itself was so cute, I wish we had more time to walk around. I think the last time we've been to a real nice, sandy beach was back in the Philippines. Kayden was only about 8 months old. So, this is a first for Noah. I'm pretty sure he enjoyed running along the beach and rolling around the sand as much as we did :)

More pictures from our day at the beach:
{UPDATE: and a little video at the end of the post!}

BC and Portland (Part I)

Train of cuteness! These kiddos had such a great weekend <3
Hello everyone! We just got back from a 10 day road trip to BC and Portland, Oregon for my sister’s wedding! We’ve been preparing for this trip for over a year already (!!!) and I can’t believe it’s already done and we’re all moving on and recuperating from the long drive. We’ve had the greatest time spending our summer holidays with our families and I most especially love the memories we made as a family of four. (Well, 5, if you count the wee little 35 week rib-kicker I have in my belly!) It can be hard travelling with little ones. Kids (ours, especially) like routine and their own beds. Then there’s always the occasional meltdown, “are we there yet” moments, NOT sleeping on time, and even napping at the wrong time of the day. Add to it the seemingly endless highways and hot summer days… It’s definitely a recipe for disaster (and frustration for all of us!) But I try to remember that those moments of frustrations and tears are inevitable yet somehow just a blur after all the good times we had! I loved seeing my boys’ faces light up as we pass through a cool bridge or tunnel. Or pretending that dinosaurs live up in the majestic mountains along the high way. We enjoyed singing out loud in the car (and being really quiet for Kayden’s solo, otherwise we’d get in trouble!) I loved being able to converse with my husband while he carefully drove us to each destination. I love being able to experience new places with them and being able to admire God’s wonderful creation in this way is definitely one for the books!

Here are some pictures from our weekend in BC with Stephen’s sisters and some photos of the first few days in Portland. More to come of the rest of the week but first, I have to finish unpacking :)

Friday, June 19, 2015

Downtown Calgary

We spent two days in Calgary for Stephen’s training with his new team and it coincided with an appointment I already had booked a couple of months ago. It was great timing since we were already planning to make a trip out of it with the littles. At the same time, since this trip was mainly for “business”, we had to make do of the little time we could have as a family. We managed to go to the zoo for a good part of the morning on the first day and afterwards, the kids and I relaxed for a bit at the hotel while we waited for Steve to get back later in the day. We walked around the city and had delicious ramen for supper. Went back to the hotel and took the kids swimming for a bit before bedtime. We sure were tired by the time we hit the sack!